Jeffrey Sackrison, FACHE

Executive and Senior Leader Coach
A very highly regarded nurse leader, who transitioned into hospital operations leadership, Jeff Sackrison, brings his passion as a clinician into the administrative suite. Jeff is profoundly dedicated to quality care and continuous improvement and impact that the patient experience has on clinical outcomes. As an executive with decades of experience in every area of nursing and healthcare operations, Jeff has a reputation for his proficiency in strategic planning and decision-making.

Jeff has the know-how he learned through multiple roles as leader in a highly respected and large healthcare system. Moreover, Jeff brings his own unique talents and skills as a mentor, coach and developer of high performing teams and the individuals that make up the teams. For the past 28 years, Jeff has held a variety of healthcare leadership roles, including COO and then, CEO simultaneously where he exceeded financial and operational targets, and developed strong relationships with the medical staff, his leadership team, the hospitals’ Directors’ Council, as well as community groups.

“Jeff was always willing to let his administrators take on new initiatives or lead existing ones to gain more experience. In fact, he was known for mentoring and providing opportunities for young administrators just starting out in their careers. With all of the opportunities he provided, it also came with a watchful eye and his experienced guidance as needed. An excellent environment to learn and grow in healthcare administration.” – Brian H, hospital President